Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boob jobs??

I just saw some pics of Christina Milian, her photoshoot for King magazine and I'm thinking... my gurl looks like shes had a boob job.

I've always been against boob jobs cos I thought it was unnecessary and was put off by the fear that post-surgery, i may never know if a guy was interested in me or my assets...... However I am not a well endowed young lady. I did gymnastics 4 times a week until i was nearly 16 and played a hell of a lot of sports which I like to fink explains the fact that every girl in my famil has huge bazonkas except me! (including my cuzin who's like 13 *rolls eyes* "why me!!) Anyhu......

I would like to know if whether a boob job is a good idea? (really do not have that kina of mulla at the mo but im planning ahead)

The way I see it the pros are:
You have big knockers, which look great in clothing
May give you a confidence boost
May make you more attractive to guys (not one im concerned about cos i fink im gd in that department)

But heres my problem and the things that totally put me off and correct me if any of this stuff is wrong:
1, Expensive surgery (i can' afford lunch todae let alone 3 grand on implants)
2, Nearly every other gurl i see at parties has fake boobs, so its seems kind of commercial and totally old news! At the end of the day if u've seen one gd boob job u've seen em all
3, If i ever decide that i may wish to reproduce (highly unlikely but there's always a possibility, when i become a millionaire ;o) ) I won't be able to breast feed
4, the silicone or whatever can leak n maybe kill me >>> so i would have paid a lot of money n endured a lot of pain and ended up poisoning myself :-/
5, I have heard a lot of guys say they like to look at fake boobs but don't like the feel of em, no mater how new the type of implant is, they don't compare to the real fing
6, I don't like pain n its painful
7, I'm clumsy and have seen and heard of the popping which scares the bejesus out of me!
8, They sag after a while, but so do the real fing so maybe that's not that important
9, o and it mite go wrong and they'll end up al wonky n shit
10, one more....... i have keloid skin so the scars will be really bad! (thats the reaosn i haven't gotten ma tattoo yet either!)

Ok so it seems cons outweigh the pros........... ok im dun after thinking it through properly im back to my previous view.... its not a gd idea!

But if anyone thinks they can convince me otherwise, please do so.........

Oh yea and the other pro of having a boob job is that cos im short n put on weight easily my tummy will always seem flatter if i have big boobs.... thus i can eat more without worrying about lookin fat.... or maybe ill just look fatter with big boobs :oS ............

NOT SURE.......... (to be continued.... lol im playing, its not that important a subject)

Cherie Amour

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