Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Double friggin standards!!!

Ok, so its all getting better now. I have a job-ish and ma social life seems to be on the up but i was speaking to some guy the other day about open relationships... which i really do not understand!!

You see, from what I can see, the problem is that the guy always has more freedom than the girl when it comes to these kind of relationships. He says "yea shes the one, u no the one that will be the wife, gives me no stress bout talking to girls etc, shes down and when i call shes there." So im like "OK so what if she goes out meets a guy and wants to go out with him for a drink .... or whatever??" ...... n surprise surprise..... His face screws up like someone just told him I shot his mama!! Seriously why is it that guys think that its OK for a gurl to sit around and wait till they have played the field and then ....eventually decide that they want to settle down!(It upset ma soul!) This whole double standards thing is startin to get on ma nerves and i fink gurls need to stop allowing guys to do this shit and fink its bloody normal! because *news flash* it's NOT!

The thing is men have no reason to have this advantage over women! Women like sex too, women are attracted to other men(I don't care how much u love ur man, if u see a fine ass brother in a sexy ass suit, u will go home n fink about what u wana do to him! *halleujah*) , women would love to go out on a fridae night, meet a nice guy, n go on a date with him tuesday night, after she spent the rest of the weeken wid her hubby.... women like a bit of variety too!!!!! I think that men need to seriously put an end to their ignorance!(i no its hard, but try) There is absolutely no reason for you to think that you have some God given right to go out n do whatever you want to just cos ur honest about it. And females if your hubby is doin this shit, talkin bout, "i wana marry u, but tonight don't call me, im doin me"...... u need to put some fear in his rass n make him stop that shit!(See blog below)

Please i'd like to hear it from the point of view of a gurl that doesn't mind her man doin this, when shes knows if she did the same he'd leave her ass quicker than she cud say... "but baby....!"

The way I see it if ur in an open relationship>>>> that means its OPEN for BOTH of you! If you expect to sleep around and then come back to ur gurl... please expect the same behavior from your other half!! Oh yea some gyu sed to me once that it was OK for him to sleep around ........ wait for this..... cos he used prtotection!..... seriously WTF???? (this statement is political is everywhich way n stil..... to this dae i don't understand that shit.... if u freakin someone else thats that, end of the story mate!.... what u want a gold start cos u protected URSELF from some,not all, some STD's! errr nah!)

Actually if i think about it im quite drawn to the conclusion that women in these situation may not actually be as dumb as im finkin. To be honest I know myself, and if ma guy was tellin me dat "ur d wife, but i need to live ma life" shit... i'd be like yea cool, but do ma bizness on the side too.... So tell me is that the way it really works? Are you girls just playin the devoted wife, while gettin ur swerve on?

I think this is maybe a more realistic point of view, especially because women now-a-days are a lot less tolerant of foolishness and are a lot more independent.

Anyhu I fink the lesson I learnt from this little experience is that if your man does not want to commit to you 100% then just do him the same favour! I think people, and this is men and women get hurt in relationships cos they give more than they receive - which has been totally true in some of my past relations. At the end of the day, if you always put in more than you get back you will never be content, cos your always goin to feel like that person owes you something... the problem is they never asked you to give more than they did. Therefore you laid your bed n you gona have to lie in it!!

Anyways just a thought while im sitting here bored out of ma brain and hungry like a dying cat!!!

Peace ;o)

Cherie Amour

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