Monday, February 16, 2009

Sick of reality!!

Success is all around us, all of the time. Whether it be on the success of a friend or loved one or that gurl that went to your primary school who's now a millionaire *kmt* biatch! Anyhu in addition, to the pressure we have from everyday life there is the T.V. (something my mother calls the idiot box for all the right reasons). Anyways now-a-days or at least in the last five years no matter what channel i turn on i have to endure someone else's success being rubbed in may face or shoved down my throat. I wouldn't mind so much but all i see is a celebrity showing off their wealth on cribs (which ain't helpin ma life or educatin me), or a reality hoar with their own show (like 'new york' - eww!) or a woman who has done nothing except lay on her back for a living, reaping rewards i can't even dream of (like half the wenches on real housewives of whatever.)

Anyways i have another issue, why is it that I am so overexposed to success that comes from (what i suppose you could call) the entertainment industry and why only them? My other problem is: why it is sooo much harder to become a lawyer than a reality T.V. flop but somehow the latter seems to make more money, more quickly and with less hard work than the former? (is that f**ked up or what? - i mean think about it) This new reality T.V. culture is upsetting my soul and I would like to understand why exactly it is that society allows such foolishness to influence the minds of the new generation?

I mean everytime i turn on the T.V. i'm faced with Paris Hilton's BFF, or bromance (a load of damn foolishness, which is not normal!) or real chance of love, rock of love etc. I mean most of the contestants are totally clueless - i mean thick... beyond.... belief and yet, they are the ones that have millions of people listening to them each day. If this isn't the quickest way to dumb down an entire generation then what is??

And why o why can no one think of something better to put on the T.V.? seriously i thought the writer's strike was over ages ago?! Its like, being on T.V. used to be a privilege - either you were a good actor/musician, funny ass comedian, gorgeous (and slightly intellectual) model or someone with something to say that could improve the lives of others (e.g. Oprah - i'm not into talk shows but this is my attempt at understanding the rationale behind them). Anyway, basically you had to be someone with TALENT. So..... T.V. was the reward - a global stage on which to share your talent with others. That i can understand! But today it seems you can have fame, celebrity status(which used to be a good thing until people like jade goody acquired the title) monetary rewards and all the trimmings if you act as mentally dilapidated, uncultured, promiscuous and undignified as possible. Three letters spring to mind...... WTF????

Now as a young person who was taught that sitting in front of the T.V. will get you nowhere, bad manners will leave you with no friends and hard work and integrity are values one should aspire to, I am finding it difficult to understand why everyone complains about the youth today?? If this is what society has passed down to them (how to be a hoar and act like you have the mental age of a 3 year old) If all you see is people selling their stories and souls for a quick buck how can society expect the youth of today not to grow up as promiscuous money hungry fools with no ambitions and no respect for others?!

Anyways the idea of this little brainstorm is toencourage people to ignore this new trend of being unambitious and undignified and instead try to focus on traditional goals, like having a meaningful career, which touches the lives of others rather than selling your soul to the devil to make a quick buck. And hopefully sooner or later this horrible fad which is reality T.V. will be over so the world can advance instead or regress!

And please if anyone can think of a better idea than reality T.V. i urge you to pitch it to MTV, BET, VH1 and any other channel that will listen,because we definitely need a change in this department!

Lesson of transition:
If you think that instant gratification exists, you better check out the price tag before you throw yourself in at the deep end!
Reality T.V. may get you a name and some fame, but be sure that you want the new title you will acquire!

Cherie Amour

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