Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just a thought..... on how to break out!

Ok so what happens when your really wna leave but haven't got the strength to do it???

What happens when your in that place where your caught between a rock and a hard place..... u don't want to stay because you know it could be better but you don't wana leave cos.... lets face it it could be worse! .... much worse..... what to do??

This is a conundrum that I find myself in more often than i would like.... its somewhere that countless numbers of my friends have been and to be perfectly honest there is no one perfect answer........

But I had a thought today that I wish to share...... if you can stay with a guy and slowly detach yourself, emotionally....... gta keep d physical ting goin though..... otherwise lets face it your just gna be angry n tight all the time!............ anyway i think you can stay in a relationship while you go outside of the relationship and look for someone else...... as long as the other person knows that this shit is NO LONGER EXCLUSIVE!

Anyways i was just thinking about it and wondered if that is a terrible way to think/ a terrible thing to do?? Let me know!

No lessons today..... when it comes to this subject im still learning!

Cherie Amour


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